Christmas Fairies

So I’m still writing a Christmas story, sometimes it’s hard to remember since it’s so hot. Working on snowy, Christmas pictures helps.

I got up to 54K words, 26K to reach minimum, so getting there! Three-thousand words again yesterday, working for the same today so my goal is 57K and by Friday, 60K. Tomorrow little one will be here, so maybe 500, or a 1000 words, if I can manage.

Cold this morning! Well for us! It was 66 and felt great! It’s going to be 95, no fun. So I was out cutting down a wild grape vine and pulling up some spent zinnias this morning. But I had chigger bites for days–did you know they kill the flesh and eat the rotting remains? Yuck! And fire ants got me yesterday when I was working on some weeding. The tiny wildlife is dangerous!

Okay, it’s time to write!!!

Have a beautiful day!


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