Clouded Leopard Art

Clouded Leopard–with this challenge, we had to use 2 different shades of brown, beige and yellow/gold.

I was 4,000 words behind yesterday. How did that happen? So yesterday, I finally got 3,000 words done. Maybe I can get a thousand words today while my granddaughter is here or after she leaves. This is my off day. So we’ve been painting on an old pair of her shoes this morning. Her daddy couldn’t find her white ones, probably in mommy’s car. lol

I finally got around to more weeding also. It’s going to be hot through Wednesday, so hopefully Wednesday the temps will drop and it will be really super nice out by about 20 degrees ripped off the heat and I can get the rest of my weeding done.

The dogs killed a rat sometime in the morning yesterday. I’ve been putting the dogs out in the middle of the night when the rats return to eat the birdseed and my pine cones. I found a pile of 50 pine cones stripped of all their pine cone seeds all over the backyard yesterday. I saw 2 pine cones out there this morning after cleaning up the others, so I know the rats are still coming, but not as many.  Hopefully, they’ll stay away for a while after the dogs killed one. Max is a hunter, so fast. Tanner is fast, but he quits quickly. Having him out there confuses the rats though and if they turn away from him, Max can get the rat.

Okay, enough rat news. The pictures I took turned out really cute. And I finished all the Oscraps contests, so need to concentrate on writing. The book is nearly at minimum word count. Hope to do the final proofing on USF Christmas this weekend. But we’re also carving pumpkins, going to a Halloween party dressed as Trolls, and Trick-or-Treating on Sunday. So not sure how much I’m going to get done! And I need to make 3 bear orders.

Hope you all have a great day. My granddaughter is anxiously awaiting my return to help her paint her shoes. But we paused to do some workbook activities.


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