Showcasing Available Teddy Bears!

I had three orders and shipped them. But I was thinking that I have a number of bears made up and I really need to showcase them. When I counted them, I had 15!! So then I was in the process of adding bows and taking their photos! Thankfully, all the bears cooperated.

Amethyst bear is sold–twice. I need to make up another. And Aqua Bear is a special order. Grizzly Bear is a 15″ Bear. Aqua Bear is a 19″ and the others are 10.5″.

Okay, I’ve got to work on a bear! I need to make a Greek one and I have the bear for it (not shown), just need to create an outfit. And I have two Amethyst bears to work on.

But also, need to get back to the books!!

Have a super, fun-filled day!


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2 thoughts on “Showcasing Available Teddy Bears!

    • Thanks, Kelley!! I was looking up togas for ideas yesterday. 🙂 <3 As soon as I have the baby's bear done, I'll send you a picture! :)

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