You’re Never Too Young to Learn–Or Too Old!

Teaching little one to hand sew a bear. Just so you all know, I put the needle in where I need it and she pulls it out the rest of the way. She was also helping me to tighten the bolt and nut joints on the jointed arms and legs, and stuffing them. She LOVES helping me to put things together where she can tighten bolts and nuts and such. A lot of the bear work is done on the machine, but then certain parts need to be hand sewn. This is an ear that I need to sew the end of before it is hand sewn on the head. 🙂❤

I learned how to do all this on my own because my mother didn’t care to sew. She had a lousy Kenmore machine that constantly messed up any sewing she attempted, so it was understandable. When I was in home economics in junior high, I learned to sew on a Singer and I was sold. But way before that, I was hooking rugs, and embroidering pictures. I loved creating handcrafted works of art like that. Eventually, I began creating the bears. Before that, I made dolls and bunnies.

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Working on 4 little bears here. Two are for bear orders–the rainbow and the amethyst. The pink and the blue will have to find homes next!

I’m off to ship autographed books to my friend who sends them to troops Overseas during the holidays. And I have a birthday bear I need to ship today and sending two of the first book in the wolf series to get them started!

Hope you all have a fun day!!!!


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