Bird Gone Fishing–Photo Art


I created the picture with Foxey Squirrels elements and background.

I redid all the print book covers for the demon series and they’re all available now. I finished working on a White Bear Series, book 3 novel, though it will be a while before I get to writing it. Sometimes having a cover gives me an idea. Now I want to redo the first two covers typography so they’re more uniform. 🙂

Right now I’m working on Bear in Mind, Grizzly Bear series, though if I get stuck, no telling what I’ll write on next. With all the bear orders I’m getting–I have another large Starbright Midnight Delight bear I’m working on for an order, and another Amethyst bear that I received an order for–that I need to concentrate on them because they’re Christmas presents and I want to make sure they get them in time.

I’ve promised for years to write the last book–Emerald Isle of Mists in the Magic of Inherian series and so it’s started, but not sure where to go with it. I think I have 2,000 words on it. I have 22,000 words on Bear in Mind. I wish the stories would just pop into my head and just fly through my fingertips and there, I have it! But it doesn’t work that way. I have to think! 🙂

Okay, I’m off to feed the ravenous dogs!

Have a super fun day!!!


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