The Best of Both Wolves Released Today!

Readers of Christine Feehan, Patricia Briggs, and Nalini Singh will love USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear’s thrilling, sexy paranormal shifter romance full of action, adventure, mystery, and passion.

Where there’s a wolf, there’s a way…

Sierra Redding is on her way to her new job as an art teacher for a red wolf pack in Portland, when she thwarts a break-in. She’s just in time to see the would-be thief and sketch him for detective Adam Holmes, earning her a job with the police department as a sketch artist, and bringing her closer to the handsome investigator…

Praise for Terry Spear’s werewolf romances:
“Riveting and entertaining…makes one want to devour all of the rest of Terry Spear’s books.”—Fresh Fiction for Wolf Fever
“Terry Spear weaves paranormal, suspense, and romance together in one nonstop roller coaster of passion and adventure.”—Love Romance Passion for Destiny of the Wolf
“Paranormal romance at its finest.”—Long and Short Reviews for Dreaming of the Wolf



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An Excerpt from The Best of Both Wolves:

Copyright © 2022 by Terry Spear:

No one should have been in her room, and now she suspected the key-­card noise she’d heard just minutes earlier had been the real deal. Who the hell had a key to her room? Whoever it was didn’t say a word. The scary part was that even though he had to hear her showering, he ignored it, like he knew he was safe, that she couldn’t harm him. And that made her angry. And even more worried.

She quickly washed the soap out of her hair and off her face and body and left the water running. Her phone was sitting on the bedside table, so she couldn’t reach it to call the police. She didn’t have a weapon… Well, maybe not a gun or knife, but she did have a different kind of weapon. One she was born with. It would have to do.

She called on her wolf, heat rushing through every bone and through every muscle. Confronting a human like this wasn’t something wolves would normally do when they were taught to hide their identity at all costs from humans. But the intruder couldn’t see her shift and she was afraid—­since he was bold enough to remain there when she was taking a shower—­she could be in a world of hurt if she didn’t do something to protect herself.

As soon as she had turned into a big red wolf with big ears, big teeth, and big wolf paws, she pushed the shower curtain aside with her nose, leaped out of the tub, slid on the bath mat, and tore out of the bathroom and into the room. As soon as the man saw movement, turned, and noticed her coming at him, the would-­be thief jumped straight into the air. He cried out with a strangled sound and made a dash for the door.

That was what she liked to see. Him scared to pieces and running for his life. Though her own heart was beating triple time, the adrenaline surging through her blood preparing her to flee or fight. Fighting was more what she had in mind.

Imagine him thinking he was robbing a defenseless human but suddenly was faced with a snarling wolf!


Time to howl! Or, just read the book.

I’m off to feed the dogs and the birds and work on the current story. 31,000 words and counting. Hope to get to 33K today.

Have a super wonderful day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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