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Hawk fae Ariana is a guard for the royal family, a highly coveted position, and one she has worked hard at, but on one trip to the human world to have fun in the sun with her friend, she makes the mistake of saving a couple of children from drowning in the Gulf of Mexico. Now she’s living in a new world with the Angel Corp in the angel realm of existence, and she’s required to save both humans and fae alike. Before she has gotten her feet wet on the easier assignments, she’s stuck with the really dangerous stuff. But she can’t die, can she? She has already done that once. But she wants to return to the fae world—the living fae world—in any way that she can.

Malik was supposed to have been Ariana’s guardian angel but when he saw another human struggling in the riptide, he went to save him, thinking that Ariana was going to be just fine. Now he is her mentor in the Angel Corp, when he’d always wanted to get to know her better while they’d both been of the fae world. This situation of her wanting to return as a fae is a deadly business. But if she manages to do so safely, she’ll leave him behind. Now she’s working on all dangerous missions and he’s afraid he’ll lose her for good. Still, helping her to return to the fae world of the living isn’t in the plans.






I finally got around to making the book trailer for Angel Fae yesterday. I just got quality approval on Dawn of the Jaguar’s audio book and it should be available soon. I uploaded it to Findaway Voices, which has a great distribution list, but I had to revise the cover for their site specifications. I also made a trailer for The Best of Both Worlds and working on While the Wolf’s Away. And I need to make one for Dawn of the Jaguar. They can take a while to make, but they’re so much fun.

The narrator for the Highland book said she would be uploading hers soon so I can proof it.

The dentist’s office wanted me to come in for a teeth cleaning again. Say what? I just had my teeth cleaned and I’m not paying to have it done every two months. Okay–March. No–May. That’s 6 months.

I’m off to get my word count today on The Wolf’s Second Chance. Hope to have 40K by Sunday and be halfway done on minimum word count.

And I’ve been goofing off with taking pictures of a hairy woodpecker this morning. I missed the tufted titmouse, chickadees and red-breasted woodpecker. Goldfinches everywhere. Bluejays chased everyone off. Doves and cardinals have come back. It’s a bird sanctuary and so much fun. The bluebirds will be arriving soon I’m sure. It was 32 this morning, so they are hungry.

Have a great day!!!


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