Smilodons at Play–Fantasy Art

When I was growing up, I loved dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers, woolly mammoths, and dire wolves. They were fascinating to me. It’s amazing how many more kinds of dinosaurs they’ve found over the years and that some even wore feathers.

So I have dinner with the kids tonight to take 9 month old pictures of my grandson. Shooting for 38K today on the book. I managed 1,000 yesterday finally. Had some other book projects to manage. I had to create the new print cover for His Wild Highland Lass and reupload that. I still had the old one on there.

Okay, got to feed the doggies and get going on my writing. I often write at night but I’ll be busy tonight, so need to focus. lol

Have a wonderful day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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