Saber Tooth Tigers Drinking at a Pond

The clouds are mine, and then I used the grasses from Daily Texture and the pond from Lynne Anzelc and created the saber tooth tigers from Daz3D.

So I managed 3,000 words yesterday at the last minute, left my characters at a cliff hanger, literally, came home and wrote a little more, but mainly edited. We had a fun night with baby sleeping in my arms and playing a dinosaur tea party an zingo with the family after having fajitas. Lots of fun!

I will be at the halfway point today! And have a little more on the story, but have to take the dogs in for their 2nd flu shot today first.

Have a wonderful day, and if you see any of these guys, report them to the authorities. They’ve been missing for a long time. But walk. Don’t run! They like to chase their prey.


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