Valentine’s Day Art

Having some more fun with it!

I really need to get cracking on the mss today. Took care of baby for about 4 hours yesterday and after he went home, I was just doing edits, so didn’t add a whole lot to the mss. Two-hundred-sixty-eight words. Far short of the 6,000 I needed. lol I will have to reset my word count timing because not catching up.

I had to start over on reading the story after working on edits on two other books. I’ll get Emerald Isle of Mist’s beta read today probably from the last reader and I can finish proofing and get that up for preorders on all the sites. Yay!

Off to work on A Wolf’s Second Chance. My editor is already putting title names out for readers to vote on. How does that work when the editor and readers haven’t read the book?

It’s freezing out here! My birdbaths both froze.

Have a great one!


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