Cat and Mouse–Art

When Tom Cat doesn't know what to do with Mouse.
Especially when this mouse is a BIG mouse. Or maybe a rat. The rats we have out here look like this.

I won another art contest at Oscraps! 🙂 I’m working on some more–having fun. So yesterday we had a blast. I managed a little editing on Wolf on the Wild Side. Today, I’m working on more editing. The book is “done” but still trying to reach word count and doing more editing, fleshing out scenes, etc. Only 1400 words until word count. I really like it when I have the book written from beginning to end and really this is the most fun part.

My next deadline book is the Highland wolf one, so I need to write on that. I also want to do a million others. Of course. lol

I’m still working on the new print cover for Vexing the Highlander, the novella, so I’ll have that done today. I always feel more self-actualized (a term I learned in psychology class)–when I accomplish something. Like cutting down the holly tree volunteers that were shading out a beautiful rosebush and sunshine ligustrum that needed more sun to really grow. Isn’t that always the way though? You plant something, and it barely grows. You plant some more things and then voila, the plant that would barely grow is taking over and so is everything else and on top of that, volunteer plants have decided to join the crowd.

I love plants, so I really don’t like to have to cut any down. I did just cut the lower branches off the one holly and left the top to continue to grow upward. But I had some pine trees that grew from seeds too right near it, so they’ll all be competing with one another soon also.

I’m off to get to work! Have a beautiful day.


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