Azalea in the Garden

These are the everblooming Encore Autumn Fire azalea. What I love about them is they bloom at least three times a year. I have the traditional lavender ones also, but they only bloom once in early spring. I rescued them from a garden center before they were thrown out. They’re so pretty, but I wish they bloomed more often. That’s why I love daylilies. They bloom over and over again, unlike the Asiatic lilies. The Asiatic are so beautiful, but I wish they bloomed for longer.

I pulled up a ton of grass and weeds in one of the flowerbeds, but I swear that the grass and weeds think that means I’m cleaning it out so they can sprout tons more weeds and grass. I’m sure when I go to bed at night, they’ll have returned in the morning in earnest.

I only managed a 1,000 words on Wolf Pack last night. It’s at 15K. I was working on edits on Wolf on the Wild Side. Need to final proof it before I turn it in.

We’re off to the museum this morning and a birthday party, so have a fun day!


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