Lucky You–Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’m off to work on Wolf Pack and start proofing Wolf on the Wild Side.

We’re having corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes tonight. We went too late to the museum in Houston. It’s right next to the zoo and just not enough parking. With Spring Break, you either had to go early, which we had planned but didn’t make it, or forget it. Hundreds of cars were looking for parking spaces and since we were there an hour and a half after opening instead of arriving a little earlier before opening, no one was leaving and everything was packed. We took my granddaughter to the much smaller children’s museum nearer us and thankfully it was fairly empty. She had a ball and the day was saved. lol But she was really good-natured about it anyway, so if that had been a wash, we would have just done what we had planned later–pizza, cupcakes, opening presents, and playing with giant bubbles in the backyard!

And somehow after all that I managed to catch up on my word count for the day before and yesterday’s. I’m shooting for 5,000 more words on the book and I should have that by this weekend. My granddaughter is staying with me Friday afternoon through Saturday, our monthly fun weekend and so I won’t get much writing done.

Have a super lucky day and if that means you got out on the right side of the bed this morning, you’ve got the day made.


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