Pixie in the Woods (Fantasy Art)

The photo of the mushrooms in the woods is mine. Love mushrooms/toadstools. You never know what you’re going to find on a woodland walk.

So we may have flooding today. Nice temps. My granddaughter and I took our morning walk before the rain hits again. We’ve had rain all morning before that. And I was out weeding while she was playing with a sack in the wind. High winds today. It’s amazing what will entertain a little one. lol

I managed 3,000 words yesterday, got my self-imposed word goal for the novella, still writing to finish it.

Off to weed some more before the rains come down again!

Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Pixie in the Woods (Fantasy Art)

  1. Terry this is so cute! There’s a story in there. Great job on the word count!

    It doesn’t take much to entertain Smudge either. He would love to play with your granddaughter. They could tire each other out.

    I recently posted a mushroom photo to my Fine Art America website. There was a semi-circle of mushrooms in the yard,

    Today I managed to finish re-doing my website. Now, back to the spreadsheet I’m going to use for our taxes.

    Happy writing and stay dry!

  2. Thanks, Tambra! There is!
    Yes, she was having so much fun with wind in a sack. lol She was chasing me around the yard while I was weeding, blowing bubbles at me. lol She would love Smudge.
    You had a fairy ring! So cool!!
    Yeah, great on your website. I finally finished the taxes.
    Stay safe in the severe thunderstorms we’re having! I can’t get my dogs to go out this morning. I don’t blame them. With all the lightning, high winds, and pouring rain, it’s scary. Not to mention the tornado watch going on!
    Stay safe! Terry

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