Love Rainbows

I’m always glad when I have my camera when I see one. This was at the Wilderness Lodge geyser.

So last night was wild. Little one had been sick the night before and that morning, so she was just lying on the couch, not wanting to eat or anything when my SIL dropped her off. She didn’t want to take a bath. A friend had given me her granddaughter’s rubber duckies that she was too old for and so I brought out 3 she hadn’t seen before and that enticed her to take a bath. Then next was story time, only my son called from Japan and she fell asleep in my arms.

They went to a Japanese restaurant and the menus were all in Japanese, but luckily, he still could read them from having taken Japanese in college. lol So everyone wants him to go with them when they eat out.

So my SIL is coming over for dinner tonight, and I’m keeping my granddaughter for another night. Last night, she joined me in bed at 2:30, and then I couldn’t sleep. Luckily, my coughing didn’t wake her. But I plan for both of us to take a nap.

I made it to 16k on the story yesterday, forget I had thought of the woman having twin boys, which could create more conflict, but it’s a Christmas story, so that might not work, if I had that she lost her mate, or she’s raising her nephews because their parents are gone. Though what about all the children’s stories like that???

With having little one overnight last night, lack of sleep, and my routine was all messed up, totally forgot to blog. lol

Have a great day!!!


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