Solitary Stork

So we’re going to have a crazy next few days. My daughter has flown off to a conference and my SIL and are juggling kids. The baby is just 1 and so he doesn’t sleep through most nights, and I have my granddaughter all day tomorrow, so I proposed she stay the night tonight and tomorrow night with me, then he takes her to school on Tuesday, and then he picks them up and I have to take her for her COVID shot. What????

And then I’ll keep her overnight. He’s on his own for the last night until my daughter returns the next night. Unless he can’t manage–lack of sleep, etc. lol I probably won’t get enough sleep!

I’m only at 15k on Lachlan’s story. I went back in and revised my calendar to reflect having my granddaughter here and not getting as much work done. Plus this cold is still making me cough all night, soooo….

Sometimes the best laid plans…are tossed asunder. Especially when I can’t think of where to go on the story.

Have a super fun day!! I have the day to write–for now.


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