Sunflowers of Summer–in Spring

I love sunny sunflowers.

I’ve still got a cold, though I’m glad it’s nothing worse than that. Today we’re having a birthday party for my grandson–Where the Wild Things Are–though he’s like this sunflower, sunny disposition and smiley.

I’m off to try and get a little done on Highland Wolf. I’ve felt so dragged out that I only managed to read through 3 chapters yesterday, of 4 that I’ve written, to remember where I’m at in the story after stopping to do edits on the other book. The two days before the cold hit me, we were taking long walks and I felt great!

Still combing and cutting the dogs’ hair. I thought it was really bad last time because I was doing it with a broken wrist, but it’s just as bad this time.

Have a lovely day!! Can’t wait to get wild!


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