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I’ve been out weeding all morning before it gets too hot out. Got a lot done, so feel glad about it. I’m sure my neighbors are too. Still coughing my head off, and sinuses are still congested, but I feel somewhat better.

In my current book, I’m writing about neighbors. I have really good ones. But in my story, I’m writing about neighbor trouble. Of course, it’s not your typical neighbor story. They’re all wolves. I had thought in spring it would have been easier to write, but this has to be the Christmas story, so…

And they have a castle, she has a manor house out in the country, which makes it not exactly typical neighbor trouble.

But you can still have some of the same issues. When I lived in Poteau, the original owner of the land ran cattle on the acreage, stating that he was allowed to and we had to fence his cattle off our property. No. That wasn’t the case. He was selling the land in parcels. His cows no longer were allowed free range. His cows pulled up a whole row of my freshly planted shrubs, despite that I had a fence. And they got onto the property and left giant deep footprints where they sank on the muddy ground. I love animals. The cattle just didn’t belong in the neighborhood. We were the 2nd owners and the original owners had a rustic fence, kind of like this but with room for cows to poke their heads through.

And of course there are the dogs left to roam and dump on your property. Some get out and accidentally run loose, so it’s no one’s fault. Repeated rain does not wash it away. Most dog owners are good about picking up after their dogs, but some are not.

Then there are the roaming cats. Now, again, I love animals, and so when I see a cat stalking my birds, I grab my camera and shoot pictures until the cat sees me and takes off.

Living in apartments–it was the neighbors fighting all the time.

In Florida, it was the horrible people next door whose kids terrorized everyone else’s. He had a gun and threatened my dad. They sprayed water onto my mother’s laundry drying in the sun and with well water, that meant red specks of stains all over the clothes. They shot BB gun pellets through our windows. They threw people’s dogs into the canal, stole kids’ toys and bikes–throwing them into the canal. My dad had to call the police on them over the gun and BB gun incidents. I was older than their kids so never had anything to do with them. And then the police were looking for them. The creditors were looking for them. Everyone was pounding on our door. My dad had done everything he could to deal with them, even building a “castle wall” around our house on their side and the front of the home, trying to protect our windows and home from their repeated shooting at it. Anything, to fight against the tyrants that no one would do anything about.

And then the neighbors from hell had slipped away in the middle of the night, never to be heard of from again. But maybe they had been. Maybe they’d all ended up in prison at some time or another in their lives. I wouldn’t be surprised. People like that don’t stop being people like that overnight.

I try to think of problems I’ve seen in movies, my own over the years, and ones I’ve read about, and then convert them to–Highland wolf neighbor issues. lol

Anyway, so that’s where I’m at. Just doing some world building for now. And pulling weeds. I’ll tell about our wild turtle adventure tomorrow or the next day.

Have a super fun day!


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2 thoughts on “Sheep–Fun Art

  1. There was a neighbor who lived the next street over who played music really loud quite often.. I asked them more than once to turn it down, but of course they didn’t. I’d gotten tired of the migraines their music.

    I vowed the next time they did it I would fight back. I brought out my CD player and aimed the speakers at their backyard. I turned on my bagpipe music loud.
    It didn’t take long and they turned their music down to a tolerable level. Yippee!!! it worked!

    Glad you’re feeling better, Terry


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