Mermaid Art

Seagull is from Daytona Beach. Mermaid created with Daz3D.

I’ve been working all morning on trimming back crepe myrtles. I don’t top them, but I trim off the lower branches to form a nice tree. The peeling bark on crepe myrtles make the trunks just as beautiful as the foliage and flowers. So one is blooming! It’s a red, but its flowers came out pink this year. lol

And I have two beautiful volunteers are realize are weeping crepe myrtles. I love them, but never bought any. I was trimming the base of them too so they would grow up a bit and other plants below them could still do well. I love weeping trees. They’re majestic and it adds something unique to the garden.

Well, little one is here, so we walked and will do the splash pad later this afternoon. It’s going to be another scorcher today. The mermaid has the right idea, stay in the water and stay cool!

Have a great day!


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