Pretty in Pink Fairy Art

I was in a pink mood. Gold yesterday. Green tomorrow. White one day. Blue another. Colors can evoke emotions. I have to remember to include them in my writing.

I’m a little over halfway done on proofing Relative Danger. I’m hoping to get it done today. No grandchild care, so I’m free to just work on this. The dogs are bugging me to eat. I got up at 4:30, way too early to feed them, though I took them out in the dark this morning to potty. So that’s next on the agenda. And then back to proofing.

I have an infestation of moths. I must have let in a pregnant one and now I’m constantly killing moths. ugh.

I’m off to feed the ravenous dogs!! And walk them before it gets too hot. Oh, it’s cooler today. Yay! Just checked the weather forecast. Maybe storms around 11. Not holding my breath. They’ve been saying that for three days.

Have a super great day! Mine’s going to be great with the cool down and hopeful rain! And working on the green fairy art too. 🙂


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