Medieval Boy Artwork

We had about an inch of rain yesterday, yay!!

Created the little Medieval boy from Midjourney, replaced some features, added some textures.

I’m still dealing with I think a yellow jacket sting–whole elbow and arm has a huge red, swollen patch around where it stung me while I was weeding two days ago. It’s itching now, still hot to the touch. I never saw it either, just felt the white hot poker go into my arm. I was weeding next to a boxwood and I figure he was hanging in it until it was a little later. They’ll rest in the shrubs until it’s lighter out, then I got too close to him and he stung me. I wanted to do the weeding early before it gets way too hot. *sigh*

Anyway, I have the day off. I’m halfway through proofing Big Cat Magic so I’m hoping I can spend the day proofing the remainder and then get back to work on Roxie on Sunday. Can’t wait to release it.

Have a terrific day!


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