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We were supposed to have rain all night. I’m finally going in to have my eye checked out. I know it’s not Pink Eye, but it’s like an infection that won’t clear up, so I finally made an appointment to have it checked out and get some medicine for it Just hope the roads aren’t flooded!

Yesterday, I went to pick up my granddaughter and I had forgotten the card that allows me to get her. They require them for kindergartner and preschooler pickups. It was in my raincoat pocket at home. I was trying to get word count up to the last minute and hadn’t checked before I left. I usually just leave it in the car, but it had been threatening to storm and rained on us while I was getting her the day before, so hadn’t wanted to get it wet and put it in my raincoat pocket. Soooo, I head over and plan to go to the office. Not sure how to get in, but someone else was told they had to go to the office to get the card to pick up the child. Looked like a granddad that suddenly got the task.

Anyway, I haven’t walked but a couple of steps from my car and my flip flop breaks. Okay, so this is like a story, right? One conflict after another.

The weather report says NO rain. NONE. Not until 8 or 9 that night. But as I’m tucking the strap into it’s socket on my shoe, walking a few steps, having to redo it again, the sky is looking darker and darker. I don’t have the card to get my granddaughter. My shoe is practically useless and the sky is looking ominous. So where is the umbrella? IN. THE. CAR. Raincoat with the card is at home.

I truck on. I finally have to take off the shoe to get across the street or get hit. Then I’m back to either carrying it, or fixing it for a brief walk of three or four steps. It’s about 1,000 steps to the school office (no, I don’t count the steps, but I do have a Fitbit). So I get there and I can’t figure out how to get in. Some staff person comes to the door and yells at me to hit the button and say what I want. Okay, I know school security is important, but I had no idea what to do.

So she lets me in and I go into another office, also on lock down, and then get in to get a card. I’m rattled. I’m holding onto a broken shoe, trying to explain that I need a card to get my granddaughter, pulling out the car pickup card that has her name on it, and my driver’s license to prove I can pick her up and, oh-by-the-way, you wouldn’t happen to have any glue would you?

This could be a comedy show. Really. Dark comedy. So she says, “I don’t know. Why?”

“My flip flop fell apart and I’m walking.” I show it to her.

“I’ve got children’s glue.”

“Oh, yes, thanks, let me try that.” So she hands me one of those little rub on purple glue sticks that looks like chap-stick, except it’s a pretty purple and I rub it on hard to the broken strap and stick it into the hole on the sole and voila! I think I MacGyvered it pretty well.

ID, car card, walking card, and one sort-of fixed shoe and I’m back out to get my granddaughter. I’m thinking she’s going to be waiting for me and all the students will be gone. Nope. They are let out late. Clouds are getting darker, more threatening. Everyone who’s walking wants them to hurry so we can get the kids to safety. The weatherman appears to be wrong again.

All parents have to stand in the dirt/grass, not on the sidewalks for the kids, and so there I am, waiting.

Until I feel a bite. Argh. A fire ant. Hate those things. Kill it. Move over to another patch of dirt. Waiting. Watching the ominous clouds. Something made me look down. Not sure why. And I was standing in the middle of a fire ant hill. I quickly moved onto the sidewalk. I was not moving from the sidewalk. So sue me. At least that time I didn’t get bitten.

When they at last released the kindergartners, my granddaughter was first. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe everything else would turn out great too.

I made it with my granddaughter to the club house where she always has to go to the bathroom, to the car, back home, the purple glue held, the storms held off, and that was my crazy pick up day. I’m hoping tomorrow will be uneventful.

Have a super great day!


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