Little Autumn Fairy

I created her with Midjournal and added fairy wings, and had to add more on her outfit, hair, and fixed the eyes and nose and mouth. But isn’t she adorable?

We only had a sprinkle of rain when I went to pick up my granddaughter and we ended up with an inch and half of rain overnight, yay! So no torrential all night rain that would have flooded everything, our roads, etc. But today we’re supposed to have thunderstorms all day. So we’ll see what happens!

I’m taking eye medication and my eyes are feeling better already. Yay!

Hope you have a grand day!


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2 thoughts on “Little Autumn Fairy

  1. I go to the Dr. today. See if you can find any real tall fans you can use to blow all that rain and thunderstorms our way. So far almost all of summer has been in the 100’s every day. Can I save the Autumn Fairy?

    • yes on the fairy! She is needed to help us feel cooler. Good luck on your appt! We’re supposed to have heavy thunderstorms when I pick up my granddaughter. I’m glad to have the rain.

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