Mockingbird Feeding Junior

I played with textures to add to the photo. I love capturing shots of Mom and Dad birds feeding their offspring.

Still working with little one on her words. Enjoying the cooler mornings, hoping everyone in Florida makes it through the hurricane all right. I’m still working on Roxie’s story. It’s up to 82K. Still need to finish the story. lol

Having lunch with my granddaughter at school today. We were negotiating. Her: chicken nuggets and french fries from the clown place. How about I make us a pizza. She says, “No. I’ll eat all my chicken nuggets.” I knew she would. But I wanted to make our lunch for us. “How about chicken sticks that I make and you can pick your own chips, and I’ll bring applesauce.”


lol, now I have to figure out what I can make for me to eat. And I have to figure out how to finish the story.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 🙂


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