An Angel and the Deer

Does it sound like a story? I was working on that last night and today. I had to scrap my original photo, but the head was one that I had hand painted (mixer brush) in Photoshop.

I’m trying to finish Roxie’s story, but got edits for one of the earlier books. So I need to jump on that. I love getting them done, but hate being pulled out of another story I’m trying to finish up! Then I have to try and remember where I’m at on the other story, once I get myself immersed in the other one.

We had fun at the community center where they had National Day Out last night. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my granddaughter home with me for an overnighter. She said she’ll watch Jurassic Park with me. But I’m not sure she’s ready for it yet. I can envision her in bed with me that night. lol

Then we’re going to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party the next day. I can’t wait!

But for now, I’ve got to get to work!!!

Have a super lovely day!


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