Onward and Upward

Woohoo, finished Roxie’s story!! I was so excited. I finished proofing it, turned it over to my beta readers and now I’m off to figure out which story to work on next. I have Warrior Elf, 6,000 words. And Bear in Mind–24357 words. So for now, I’m just playing with both stories until I settle on one and finish it. Warrior Elf is the 3rd book in the series. Bear in Mind is the first.

Rina is a warrior elf from a long class of warrior elves. She fights for right and though she earns much gold from her work, she also takes on the cases where there is no hope of reward—just because it’s something she must do. Fighting is in her blood. And she has a couple of magic tricks up her leather sleeve. She is all about work and no play, so when she takes on the mission of rescuing a princess from a tower—if she even really needs rescuing, she ends up meeting a champion shadow elf knight—who also rights wrong. But he works for a marque and she’s not sure they have the princess’s best interests at heart.

Artur serves as the marque’s champion from a long class of champions when he encounters a warrior elf fighting dark arts knights all on her own. He watches in fascination, until he eliminates the last one, and he’s not sure what to think of her. Does she have the princess’s welfare in mind? Or some darker purpose? He admires Rina, but he doesn’t trust her. Yet it appears they have a common enemy and until that’s resolved, he’ll watch her back and hope she watches his!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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