Kitten in a Cupcake Container

I worked on edits on Roxie’s story yesterday. I need to finish those up today, then just waiting on one more beta reader’s edits and I’ll finish it up. I also managed to get to 43K yesterday on Warrior’s Elf. I kind of have an idea for the ending, so worked a little on that.

The paint I used on my pumpkin didn’t work out. lol So it looks like a 3 year old painted it. But that’s okay. I never said I could paint. 🙂 My son-in-law on the other hand did a great job on his. I ran home and got the other paints and they worked. And my granddaughter played on my pumpkin too, then painted a couple of more pumpkins of her own. Of course I had to play with my little grandson too. My daughter did some great carvings on pumpkins too. So fun was had by all! Oh, and we sort of watched Hocus Pocus 2. We were so busy that I will have to watch it again without all the interruptions.

Today is a writing day. No goofing off. Tomorrow is another broken up day. In the morning, I have to go to see my granddaughter in a storybook parade, pick her up in the afternoon, and trick or treat with the family in the evening.

Hope you all have a lovely cupcake of a day!


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