Steampunk Owl

I wish I were a wise old owl and didn’t do dumb things. So my dogs were going nuts at the back fence, scratching to get at a neighbor dog. And I was trying to swat them away, not really able to reach them behind the pine tree, and got scratched in the eye by a pine needle. It’s awful.

But despite that, my granddaughter and I had a great day. We took a walk to get the mail, then she wanted to feed the turtles, so we walked to two different ponds, then we read books together, did her words lesson, I had her draw two turkeys, one for me to color and one for her to color. She colored both. lol She did several coloring pages and even her very first crosswords puzzle. We play tic tac toe several times. Then we played chicken foot dominoes and she won, and Crazy Eights and I won. We were on our second Crazy Eight game when her momma came for her. So we’ll do it again later.

In the meantime, I need to go in and have my eye checked out. It was awful last night and this morning.

Have a delightful day!


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