Bold little mockingbird on my feeder.

I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 4:30. This daylight savings is really wreaking havoc with my sleep pattern. So I got up early and have been doing all kinds of chores before my granddaughter gets here. We’re going to ship a book, get donuts, and figure it out from there. We might have a picnic at the park for lunch.I had thought of getting some stones to put under my rocks that border my flowerbeds so they don’t keep sinking into the soil and grass. But the bags are really heavy. I thought of getting some pansies or snapdragons if they have them. Or I might just look for an outdoor metal Christmas decoration. My granddaughter loves to help me put them out. I like them because day or night they’re on view.

In the meantime, my dogs are wanting out, so off to begin my regular routines…and maybe get in a tiny bit of writing before she gets here.

Have a lovely day!


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