Being the Villain in Your Own Story–Accidentally

So I ordered a Harry Potter cake for my daughter for her birthday to do something really fun and special for her and her husband tells me after the fact that she doesn’t want a cake. Period. Ugh.

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning early, so I hope I can cancel on the cake after that, (it’s not supposed to be ready until 3 pm tomorrow), but if I can’t, I’ll just eat some of it and throw out the rest. I changed doctors, never had gone to the other one on my insurance, so I get a call from the clinic staff asking if I changed the doctors with my insurance. I told them I had. The insurance rep had told me to wait until Dec 1 to schedule with them. The LPN I saw who works for the insurance told me not to delay because I’ve delayed for 4 years on some routine tests and she said my insurance number won’t have changed. Sooooo, I halfway suspect that I will show up and they’ll tell me my insurance won’t pay for the visit and I’ll have to wait until December. But then I’ll just go to the grocery store and cancel the cake, or try to. Win-win.

And then the schedule was messed up yesterday on the lunch schedule at the school as kids were celebrating for Thanksgiving early in case people didn’t come to school on Friday, I guess. So I told my daughter and granddaughter I would come today instead and her husband didn’t get the word, granddaughter forgot, and so she was really upset because her daddy didn’t make her lunch, she didn’t order any, and she was crying, looking for me. Her teacher sent her into the line to get the school meal so she didn’t go without lunch.

It seems I’m the villain these days. How did that happen?????

Anyway, I finally managed to get 1,000 words written on Bear in Mind yesterday. I was doing a little Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping, and working on a Christmas book trailer video, so the day sort of ran away from me.

Hope you are doing all the “right” things and not being the villain in your story. 🙂 But, hey, I really was trying to do some right things! 🙂 Have a super fun day! Hopefully mine will be too and I’ll get some things sorted out. Fun lunch with granddaughter, appointments made for tests I’ve been putting off, and one HP birthday cake order DELETED. I’ll let you know how it goes as the saga continues, okay???


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