A Gray Wolf in Omaha

Wolf at the Omaha wildlife reserve.

Well, the Harry Potter birthday cake was cancelled. Woohoo!

I was sent way out of my way to reach the medical clinic–Google Map, ugh. I finally found it right next to my grocery store. It’s beyond it so I never go that way or I would have seen it. My insurance card arrived with the wrong doctor’s name on it, BUT I managed to get it changed and have a reference number, so it’s all been fixed as far as insurance goes. Yeah!

I made it to the school for lunch with my granddaughter and we had a super time. Two more mothers told me their kids have been sick with fevers, one a boy in kindergarten, but not in my granddaughter’s class. And both mothers have 3 year olds who had been running fevers.

Now, both my grandchildren had had fevers for a couple of days, but that was about a couple of weeks or more ago. So was it the same as these kids have? Or not? And now my daughter has been running a 102 fever for the last couple of days. We’re supposed to have her birthday and Thanksgiving on Sunday, so we might have to hold off until Monday or later, maybe even Sunday after next. She has had her flu shot and covid booster. It’s not covid. A different strain of flu?

My other beta reader finished Roxie’s story so tomorrow is dedicated to making those changes and then proofing the whole book and turning it in. My other beta reader finished Warrior Elf and is turning the edits over to me tomorrow, so I’ll be working on those. And I managed to add 2,000 more words to Bear in Mind–now at 41K.

I’m off to get busy with edits. If we have Thanksgiving and the birthday tomorrow, I’ll have to clean house and wrap some birthday presents too!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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