Dog Days of Christmas

It was a great day with my toddler grandson yesterday! We walked to the school to have lunch with his sister in kindergarten and then walked home and walked back to pick her up and back home again. So I got a lot of walking in!

He was so good. I gave him some milk when we got home after lunch, set out his mat and told him to lie down and go to sleep. I pulled off his shoes and put a blanket over him and he fell asleep!!! Woohoo! Then I worked on edits nearby and it was so nice. Max slept next to me. But before we knew it and before my grandson was awake, we had to leave again to pick up big sister.

It worked out really great. Now I’ve got him again this morning. He was so cute. Max will sleep on my lap. He wanted him to sleep on his lap. Max isn’t as big as his dogs (corgis), but he’s still way too big for a toddler’s lap. Of course, a lot of Max is fur!

Okay, I’m off to take care of little one. We’re supposed to have rain most of the day. So it looks like we will have to drive to pick up his sister after school. Boy, once he saw his stroller, he had a fit when I didn’t put him in it right away. lol

Have a lovely day!!


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