Red Buckeye Tree

So my daughter and granddaughter and I went to a national park where they were giving away Arbor Day trees. Also oaks, but we don’t have room for them. As it is, our lots are over planted with 3 live oaks that will be huge. I don’t know whose dumb idea it was, but they require one between the sidewalk and street even. Already in one area of our development where the trees are really big, they have lifted the sidewalk. Duh.

The Red Buckeye Tree has red hummingbird flowers in the spring. Yay! The red flowers are a huge hummingbird attractant. And for butterflies too. Very showy, nice ornamental tree, but of course for now, it’s like 6 inches tall. And I think it won’t flower for about 2 years.

I need to finish up 3 bears to ship, and going to have hamburgers with the kids for lunch. I’m still sick, but I think I’m finally coming out of it!

Hope you all have a sunshiny day!


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