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While trying to blog, I’m bouncing baby on my lap while he watches the mysteries of Molly of Denali. I’m finishing up 3 bears to ship. One is ready. I am up to 55K on Bear in Mind. Little one has been rubbing his eyes and yawning and I think he’s tired. So we’ll eat brunch and I’ll put him down for a nap.

We’re still going over colors, objects, trying to teach him to count.

Well, while I have a minute to finish this, typing with both hands now, I’m off to feed the birds with him and we’ll take a walk to the mailbox. Still coughing a lot. I woke up several times coughing away. So when I finally woke the last time, I was like, “Ack! They’re nearly here. I needed to get the dogs out, feed them, take them out, and make my tea. Which usually gets cold before I can get it into a thermos when he’s here. lol

*sigh* And an hour later we got mail, fed the birds and totally didn’t get this done! On the walk, I ended up having to carry him part of the way, but managed to get him to walk the rest of the way back.

I think we can walk to get K today from school. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.

Off to feed the birds! Have a fun day!!


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