Sandhill Crane–Ruffled Feathers

I took this photo in Florida and artified it. 🙂

I have baby today. He’s already given me ten books to read to him. He started singing Baby Shark song.q

Somehow I managed to add ears to 2 more bears yesterday and reached 67K on Bear in Mind while he was here taking his nap and after he went home.

I still need to add noses to the 5 bears and ears to one, so I might get that done today. It feels like 31 this morning. I believe it.

We were supposed to have rain all day, but now it’s just this morning and again when I pick up my granddaughter. We’re driving because of the cold and rain and because it’s so hard to manage the baby in this weather. Though I REALLY need to go to the grocery store and I need odd light bulbs for the kitchen. My daughter told me about a woman who sat in the dark because she couldn’t reach her light bulbs to change them. So I always think of that when my light bulbs been going out. I have another out in the bathroom too. lol It’s just that I need to find the light bulbs!

Okay, I’m off to read another book to baby. I’m glad he loves them.

Have a great day!


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