Crazy Bird Shot

I was up on a walkway, looking down at this huge bird and he looked up at me with one eye. Very curious bird.

So my angel of a son-in-law switched out the 3 bad light bulbs in the kitchen after I fixed dinner for us, and my granddaughter put on sunglasses because now the kitchen is too bright. It has 7 recessed ceiling lights, but there are 3 switches for various lights, so I never turn them all on. And with the bright light vs soft light bulbs, I can use fewer and still see better. Ambient light is great when you’re trying to hide stuff.

Which reminds me of watching Game of Thrones and some of the episodes were so dark, I couldn’t see anything. There’s ambience, and then there’s ridiculousness. To me, it’s like they don’t want to show you how bad the actual scenes look, unrealistic characters or fighting or something and make it so dark that all you can get out of it are the clashes of metal against metal and grunts and groans. I end up just hearing the episodes as background noise while I was working on bears or a book.

Okay, so I’m off to work on the story today. I didn’t have any time to yesterday, though I did finish the other bear and shipped them. Rained all day yesterday and we had at least 1.5 inches. We’re not supposed to have any rain today. We need to dry out a bit.

Have a fun day!


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