Do You Think They See Us?

That’s what the one painted dog says to the other. Maybe the tall grass hides them. I don’t think so. The pictures of the painted dogs and the two lions are mine. I used a bunch of textures from Daily Textures and a couple of elements from Foxey Squirrel.

So I was working on my taxes, trying to gather all my expenses, and it’s always a chore. It takes me about a week trying to find everything and get it organized. I keep telling myself one of these years I’m going to do better and do it earlier. 🙂

I’m at 68K on Bear in Mind. I was trying to write the final scene last night, but it’s still a work in progress. So except for taking my granddaughter to dance while Momma picks up Girl Scout cookies, yay!, and Daddy takes baby to the grocery store, I get to take my granddaughter to dance. Which I enjoy and I might be able to get some writing or tax organizing done too at the same time. I’ve been doing that when I wait for her to get out of school, or I was even working on finishing the bears while I was waiting. No such things as idle hands. Time flies when I’m getting stuff done that is hanging over my head!

It’s going to get to 64 today, but then into the low 70s. I have a flowerbed thingy to put together too, but I don’t want to get started on it until I have my taxes about ready to go and this book finished. It has maybe 72 screws to put it together, or more. So once I start on it, I want to finish it and not have a mess everywhere.

Okay, I’m off to take the dogs out, feed them, take them out and get to work!

Hope your day is beautiful!


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