Night of the Wolf (novella) 99 Cents (USD)

Looking for an action-packed quickie?

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear brings her trademark action, romance, and wolf pack dynamics in this thrilling Heart of the Wolf novella!

  • A heroine on a mission to retrieve her life savings
  • A hero bent on protecting her from danger
  • And enough action, mystery, and romance to keep readers enthralled

Red wolf Serena Wilder is on a mission to find the gray wolf who stole her life savings and take back what’s hers. She has to start at her family’s old pack home, where it’s rumored there’s a hidden safe in the basement. She knows it’s a long shot, but it’s her only hope to support herself while she hunts for the culprit. She expected there to be some setbacks, but she wasn’t prepared for a new pack of wolves to be in her way.

Tanner Greystroke and his brothers now live on the property, and they’re surprised to see Serena. Their pack leader’s mate is none other than Serena’s sister, who all this time thought Serena was dead. Knowing that things can’t get much worse for Serena, Tanner offers to help her get back everything that belongs to her—the house, the money, all of it. But that plan will only work if he can keep her safe and they can see this through to the end…

Everyone loves Terry Spear’s wolf shifter romances!

“Riveting and entertaining…makes one want to devour all of the rest of Terry Spear’s books.”—Fresh Fiction for Wolf Fever

“Wolfishly delicious…an exciting, action-packed paranormal romance that kept me enthralled.”—Romance Junkies for A Howl for a Highlander

“Terry Spear weaves paranormal, suspense, and romance together in one nonstop rollercoaster of passion and adventure.”—Love Romance Passion for Destiny of the Wolf



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I check my emails first thing and one of my friends told me that Night of the Wolf was on sale for 99 cents. Thanks, Kim Roller!

It’s only in Ebook format. When I was setting things up for that on my website, I realized that the October release is now up for preorder also! I’ll post about it tomorrow. That is this years Christmas story set in the Highlands–Her Wolf for the Holidays.

Tuesday, Wolf Takes the Lead will be released. I have baby on Monday and Tuesday, so I’m going to have to do all my preposting today or I won’t be able to get to it until late in the day on release day!

Okay, so I did make 70K, my goal for Bear in Mind. Still trying to end it. And I’m still organizing taxes. Busy day today with all this stuff, so I’m off to get at it!

Hope you have a delightful day!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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