Baby Dino and the Butterfly

My granddaughter and I will be setting up a table to sell GS cookies this afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday. Woohoo! She has 300 boxes of cookies to sell, and sold 60 in her neighborhood yesterday. Yay!!

I had taken a picture of a puppet dinosaur at a drive-thru Jurassic World exhibit. So much fun. So here is a bit of whimsical art I created with it.

Today, I’m trying to work on the rest of the taxes. I’m down to the last one–postage expenses. Yay! Shipping for bears. Shipping for books. Shipping for bears and books. And then I need to find an accountant to put it all together.

I got edits back from Darla on Bear in Mind, thanks so much for the suggestions! I’m going to work on those today.

And I was doing edits on Bite of the Vampire, the 2nd in the vampire teen series. It’s already at 22K, so I don’t have that far to go on it and I want to get it done. I also have the third one started. Night of the Vampire is at 14K so far. Maybe I can get both done this year. I have the covers. Kiss of the Vampire was the first book in the series.

Hope you all have an exciting day! We’re setting up our cookie table in a little while, can’t wait!


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