Bluebird Female on Fountain

The bluebirds love to take baths in the fountain.

We had a wild nonstop day of it yesterday and of course I had to get my daughter’s/grandson’s cold, so did my granddaughter, so I’ve been really under the weather. Coughing all night for the last two nights is miserable. She got scared and ended up in bed with me, and the dogs were whining to go out way before I wanted to get up. We tried selling GS cookies in the front yard last night but it was FREEZING. Usually, we have to worry about everything melting–chocolate, that is!

I have to do some more photo art for a special project, got edits for my Highland wolf book, and have both kids on Monday. I’m hoping I can get some of this stuff done before Monday.

She’s going to dance in a little bit, but we went over her reading words and she actually tried to do a bunch more that she hasn’t learned. She’s also reading a book a day, so that’s been fun Drop it, Rocket, was our book for last night. It reminded me of Tanner. He always gets our socks and puts them on his bed. So I’ll say, “Drop, it, Tanner!” Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn’t. Then I have to pick him up and he immediately drops the sock. He’s so silly. He will be wagging his tail hard the whole time. Such a happy, little dog.

Okay, I’m off to read with her and then we’re making some more headbands.

Have a fun day!!!


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