Signs of Spring

We had 1/2 inch of rain yesterday! My garlic is all looking great. I’m ready to plant. My neighbor was getting his sprinklers ready. Hmm, is it safe to turn on the sprinkler systems yet?

I went to urgent care last night because I’d had sharp pains in my ear, and sure enough, have an ear infection. So the nurse prescribed antibiotics and I had to take 7 pills last night. Six had to be taken in one day, usually spread throughout, but the pharmacist said I could take them all at once because it was already late. I just had to eat my dinner with them. But she said I’d feel better right away if I didn’t delay.

The six small pills leave an awful sulfuric? taste, I think. So I had vanilla yogurt after that and it helped to coat that taste.

I really don’t feel better, but I didn’t cough quite as much during the night, yay! So once I get more sleep, that will help more too.

It’s awful when you feel this bad because everything seems insurmountable. My son-in-law was showing me pictures of him taking the kids to the playground. They were adorable. The thought of doing that myself wore me out. My daughter took my granddaughter to a new castle tower at the place where they do Girl Scouts so she could play on it. Which would be so much fun. I wouldn’t mind climbing it–but the idea of doing that wore me out.

Okay, got to take the garbage out, the dogs out, feed them, the birds, and start working on edits. I should get them done today and I’ll spend the rest of the day and tomorrow rereading it one more time.

I was working on a couple of out of bounds photos for the special project too. So once they’re done, I’ll send them where they need to go and share them here also.

Have a great day! Mine is going to be wonderful! I just know it!


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