Bird’s Nest in the Yard

Don’t worry, it wasn’t from recently, and I think it was old, but still, I think of all the work that went into it as the birds made it and there it is, ready for me to photograph and have fun with it.

Well, I can’t seem to get over this cold. My daughter wants me to go in and have a strep throat test because my granddaughter recently had it. I had an ear infection, so I was on antibiotics and figured I was safe. But then I had a sore throat again. I really think it’s a bad cold, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out since I’m coughing all night again. I was getting better. 🙁

I managed to get 600 words on Vampire and I think about 500 on Highland Wolf. I didn’t do as much as I wanted but I was trying to get other things done–a special picture for a special reason. Resolve the trellis issue, the tax issue, and had to fill out a bunch of tax forms. Plus, taking care of baby all day. He is so funny. He brings me a book, then backs himself up to me and says, “Lap.” I’m getting tons of lifting exercises because he has me read about 15 books per day to him. I still have laryngitis but it’s getting better.

Okay, off to send in my picture and create another I had in mind. I use my own main photo, mostly of animals, this one of wolves play fighting this time, and artify them.

Have a beautiful day! I’ve got to get the dogs out and then get to writing. No more goofing off!


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