Pet Photos Artified

I have to run errands that I hadn’t planned to run this morning. *sigh* I wanted to write all day since I don’t have baby, until I have to pick up my granddaughter, since I ran errands yesterday and wish I could have done these then!

So I’ve been doing some pet photos for friends and here are 3 of them.

Okay, I’m off to do a little bit on the story before I have to run. One place is open at 8, but the next isn’t until 9, and the next isn’t until 10. ugh. So I’ll go at 9 for the first two places and be early for the 10 appt and work on edits in the car. I really had hoped I would have gotten some words on the book yesterday, but after baby left, I only had 300 words.

Have a beautiful day!!


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