Gerbera Daisy & Coneflowers

Do you ever plant something that’s supposed to be perennial but it doesn’t come back? I have a couple of red gerbera dasies that did. But the gorgeous orange–called Jaguar, and the yellow, didn’t. 🙁 So I bought two more red and a couple more orange. I’m sure if I find the right place for them, they’ll come back.

I think I have better luck with coneflowers. The butterflies love them.

I see where these are coming back. I have a couple others that come back every year. That’s what I like–perennials that are perennials. The purple sage is supposed to be also, but I have it in one place where it comes back every year and the other places they were good for a couple of years and then gone. So I want to try them in a couple of more places. They like dryer areas, so I think I got them too wet. And also, though most of these flowers like lots of sun, we have so much heat and sun normally that they do better in some shade. 🙂 The daylilies I’ve planted always come back and they’re bigger and showier than ever. Also, a bunch of the mums have made it.

Okay, so I’ve been gardening, filling up one of the raised planter beds with cardboard, twigs, cypress mulch, shredded paper, and raised bed earth. I want to start planting my chives and other things in it!

I managed to write 4000 words yesterday, woohoo! So that means I’m at 41K, over halfway there! Still have to hit this hard or I can miss the deadline.

Have a flower-filled day!


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