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I finally made my word count. We went to a ramen noodle restaurant last night for my granddaughter’s birthday, her choice, and then opened presents. I got her flash cards for addition, and one for more words to learn, books, and a 1st Grade workbook and I let her open that one early. She started working on it before her mom arrived to pick her up. Yay!

I made my word count plus 1,000 last night. Did not think I’d even make word count it was such a hectic day, so really glad. And I’m back at it today. We’re going at 2:30 to her kids’ birthday party, Girl Scout troop, to do science stuff. She loves science experiments. So hope to get my word count in by then.

I’ve been planting flower seeds and saw that some of the ones I planted a couple of days ago are up. Now I need to get the zinnia and sunflower seeds in the ground.

Hope you have a beautiful day!!!


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