Zebra Foal

They are so adorable. When I first saw it, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. A brown and white zebra? But then I realized the young ones were brown and white. I thought it was a different species of zebra. So cute!

No baby today. We really have a terrific time. He loves to help me with dumping recycling paper and kitchen scraps in the composter and feeding the birds. My granddaughter helped me spin the composter around and scooped up doggy poop. It’s a great long handled device that actually grabs it, not like when I was a kid and had to try to get it up with a garden shovel. I made sure baby didn’t chase the dogs while in the middle of doing their business. When they hold still, he goes after them. He’s really good with them though. He pets them on the back and he’s so gentle. He will be an animal person for sure when he grows up. He loves watching the birds and squirrels. He loves pointing out the moon. “The moon! The moon!”

And somehow on the two baby days, including my granddaughter for Monday, I was able to get 2,000 words each day. I still have 9,000 to go, but that’s never the end of the story. I usually get around 86-90K by the time it’s done. And I only have 18 days left. I’m hoping to have a week left after I finish it so that my beta readers have a chance to read it.

That’s my goal. I sent half of the pictures to the magazine feature, and need to do another 4 and the interview also. Once I’m done with Highland Wolf, I need to get started on the white wolf book. 🙂

I’m off to work!

Have a wonderful day!


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