Beautiful Budgie

So yesterday, I was ready to walk to the school, working on Highland Wolf and I hear this noise. I glance at the window. It’s pouring and thundering out. Not supposed to happen. My granddaughter didn’t have a raincoat with her because it wasn’t supposed to rain. I hop in the car, umbrellas for both of us in there, wore my raincoat, pick her up and we still have a walk back to the clubhouse in the storm, but her umbrella isn’t working. I gave her my umbrella and was glad I’d grabbed my raincoat. But I had really planned to walk because it’s going to get beastly again and the temps have been so nice.

I am down to needing 6K for the story for word count, yay! Make that 12K to finish it all up. But I got edits for another book to work on due in 8 days. Which will put me off my game for getting the other daily word count. I finished up two more photos for the magazine, just need one more and the interview and that will be done. I’m off to work!

Have a wonderful day with only good unexpected things to come!


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