The whole family loves to read and that helps the kids to love to read. So for the summer, I’ve been working on science, social studies, spelling words, math, and reading with my granddaughter. Of course 2-year-old brother repeats everything we say and looks at the science pages as we’re talking about them, repeats spelling words, knows most of his colors, and so he’s learning too. Besides daily swims and other stuff. But today, we’re going to the library and then roller skating with her friends.

She has a bingo card where she’s supposed to do a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of reading, We’re nearly done with the reading for all the blocks and she’ll get some kind of mention on the school board when she starts 1st grade in August, but we’re also working on a reading Girl Scout patch. She has to go to the library to read one book, read about a famous person–she’ll be reading about a shark lady who studies sharks in the ocean, read a recipe and make a meal (have to figure out what we’ll do for that one), draw a picture about a book she’s read, and write a story. And then she’ll have all her reading requirements done for the school one for the whole bingo card. She’s just finishing up reading a book for the Girl Scout badge. But we’ll be reading everyday for the rest of the summer even after she’s finished both the bingo card and her reading badge requirements.

Okay, I’m off to get chores done before she arrives.

I have some good news too though–Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply is going to be reissued. Woohoo! 🙂 <3

Have a terrific day!


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