Boardwalk, Destin, FL

It was wild while we were there with thunderstorms, rip currents, no swimming because of rip currents for some of the time that we were there. They had warning flags up about dangerous marine life and during the time we were there, a black bear was swimming in the surf among beachgoers, though not where we were but somewhere on the Destin beaches. I expected sharks, jellyfish, Portuguese Man-of-Wars, but bears? Yes, they have around 4,000 bears in Florida, but body surfing???

If I had written that in a story, my editors would have said–no matter that I write about wolf shifters, mind you–that that wouldn’t be realistic. lol

I’m off to do stuff with my granddaughter.

Hope you can maneuver through the rip currents of your life just fine.


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