Happy 4th!

I’ve been watching Hoarders, and one of the things some people have trouble with is collecting neat stuff–I wouldn’t have minded having some of the garden statuary the one guy had, but his house and yard were buried under 6 tons of stuff that he had to toss so that he didn’t lose his home. His thing was he was going to take all the stuff he had salvaged from flea markets, yard sales, throwaways in people’s trash, and paint them, fix them, make them beautiful again. And of course that never happens. Why?

Because it’s buried under 6 tons of stuff. And even after they are unburied, he wouldn’t have the time or inclination to do anything with them anyway.

Which leads me to the three outdoor fence hangings I’ve had for 8 years in the sun and rain. My shrubs used to be way beneath them, but now they are nearly as tall as the 6-foot fence, which is good for helping to soundproof the backyard some, and privacy. But I wanted to showcase the bird hangings again on the fence so gently maneuvered through the thorny leaves of the burford holly shrub and grabbed them. Then I screwed the old hangers and hung the artwork on a fence where there are no tall plants. But the hangings are faded–even though they were not supposed to fade in rain or sun–and so I decided to paint them. Now, I’m NOT an artist, painter, or otherwise. So my version won’t be half as beautiful as the original artist’s. But I want to salvage them before they have no artwork and then I’d have to draw stick figures on them, which I don’t do well at all. lol And who wants pictures of primitive stick figures on their fence? I would have to leave them out for the trash and maybe someone would take them and turn them into beautiful works of art or just hoard them!

So that’s what I’ve been working on when I’m not working on the story. I already painted an old wrought iron plant hanger my mother had. I saved a beautiful birdhouse that she had left outside for years that could use some painting too. But that’s for another day. It’s on display with newer birdhouses I have in my kitchen above the cabinets, so all very neat and organized. I have two more wrought iron plant stands I would like to paint also. At least the hanger is now hanging outside and filled with flowers. And, I’m happy to say, the bird hangings are making real progress. I’m working on all 3 of them at the same time.

I have 1,000 words more to write on white wolf, woohoo, for minimum word count, so I need to get to work on it.

Have a blast of a day!


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